FAQ's - Frequently ASked Questions


Q - Help, I do not have my child's code for online ordering?

A - Email us with your child's Name and School and we will send you the code.  

You can email directly through our Contact Page.

Q - I have more than one child. Can I order them all at the same time and save on shipping?

A - Yes, even if one is having retakes.  Just wait until you have all the codes you need.

Q - How do I order for more than one child at a time?

A - Once you have sent the first order to the shopping cart, go to the top left of the screen and click CHANGE GALLERIES, enter the new code and carry on.

Q - There is no class photo online. How do I get one?

A - All students will receive one complimentary through the school.

Q - Do i have to pay shipping even on a small order?

A - Yes.  We have to get the order to you and schools do not wish to handle delivery.

However if you only order 1 unit of photos, your costs would be:

18$ + gst (.90) + shipping of 6.50$ = 25.40

You may wish to consider the digital download :

20$ + gst (1.00) and no shipping charge for both images = 21$